Our team of fully qualified and experienced Legal Counsels provide a comprehensive and specialized service of legal support and advice, both domestic and international, on all matters relating to corporate

  • Advice and legal guidance on potential transactions and other corporate matters;
  • Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work where necessary from our wide range of business associated both within Cyprus and abroad.
  • Draft and negotiate a wide variety of Corporate and Commercial agreements which cover a vast range of business transactions including but not limited to:
    • Joint Venture
    • Agency
    • Share sale and purchase
  • Attending meetings and negotiating transactions on behalf of the client;
  • Creation of risk management policies;
  • Review of transactions to ensure compliance with tax, VAT, legal, statutory and reporting requirements;
  • Carry out company searches and legal Due Diligence;
  • Corporate compliance and governance matters;
  • Preparation of general corporate documents;and business issues.