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Andrea Orphanides & Co LLC is a law firm providing legal & corporate services to businesses of all size. Other practice areas are; litigation and arbitration, fiduciary services, immigration services & advisory services.

Our Cyprus law firm is registered with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies, as a lawyers’ limited liability Company (LLC) with registration number ΗΕ 376792 and is a proud member of the Cyprus Bar Association.



Our doors are open to all businesses -
the diversity of our client base makes us
better at what we do.


We believe strong business relationships
are founded on honest and transparent


Our ever-evolving approach to problem
solving yields results and sets us apart
from the pack.


Relevant and precise communication
enriches our client relationships and
builds better businesses.

What distinguishes us from the competition?

Our professionalism, adherence to protocol and attention to client service is what distinguishes us from other Law Firms. Our Firm puts the client in the center of interest by providing tailor-cut legal services on the basis of their business and personal needs. Our dedication and professionalism are immediately apparent to our clients who know that they can always turn to us for support immediately, to manage any kind of risks suitably and open up new opportunities for them.
We respond instantly to our clients’ needs and keep them well-informed about the legal process, the costs, the estimated outcome and possible alternative solutions. Here we create strong, long-lasting client/lawyer relationships based on mutual respect, honesty and respect

Our subsidiary Company

Our subsidiary Company, M.P Mediterranean Partners Ltd, is an Administrative Service Provider licensed by the Cyprus Bar Association, which focuses on the provision of consultancy and corporate services for the wealth management of its clients, involving international and local tax planning, asset & risk management, accounting, corporate, trustee and fiduciary services, as well as banking in Cyprus and abroad.

The goal of M.P Mediterranean Partners Ltd is to provide its clients with a high level of service incorporating integrity and professionalism combined with innovative solutions tailored to their business needs.

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