Our aim is to help our clients establish and run their business efficiently, therefore, we offer a broad range of fiduciary services that will assist our clients in the process of incorporation and thereon after, such as:


Provision of local corporate directors 

Company secretary

Provision of Company Secretary in accordance with the provisions of the Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113. 

We also provide constant corporate secretarial support and compliance services such as:

  • Maintain statutory registers;
  • Update Registrar of Companies records;
  • Convene board and shareholders meetings;
  • Preparation of all minutes of meetings of Directors and Shareholders;
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting of the Company; 
  • File Accounts and Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies;
  • Reserve and protect company’s records;
  • Ensure all proper returns are made to the Registrar of Companies upon any changes in the share capital of the company, the directorship, the registered address, the shareholders of the company, the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association etc;
  • Issue the share certificates to the members of the company;
  • Keep safe custody of the common seal of the Company;
  • Registered Office Address
  • Provision of Registered Office Address: In accordance with the Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113, a company registered in Cyprus shall, as from the day of its incorporation, have a registered office in Cyprus to which all communications and notices may be addressed.

Trustee functions

  • Establishment of international trusts in Cyprus and in other jurisdictions;
  • Acting as trustees of international trusts;
  • Acting as escrow agents;